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Fast and Accurate Toolmakers Tool Measuring Microscope

Toolmeasure – The Toolmakers Tool Measuring Microscope


The Toolmakers Tool Measuring Microscopes are manufactured in our facility in Hudson, Massachusetts, USA.

Quickly and accurately measure common features that are required during the manufacturing of cutting tools.

  • Simple to use interface can be learned easily by any operator that understands minimal measuring techniques.
  • Measure a wide variety of cutting tools such as End Mills, Drills, Step Tools, Burrs, Engraving Tools, Face Mills, Dovetail and Keyway cutters, broaches and more.
  • Use to measure other items such as threads and standard part dimensions including lengths, radii, and bolt hole patterns.

Toolmakers Tool Measuring Microscope

Complete Microscope System for Accurate Tool Inspection

Includes 16.6MP – 4K High Definition Camera System
Standing Industrial Bench with Wood Top, Drawer, and CPU Shelf
– 36″W x 30″D (914mm x 762mm)
Encoders on all Four Axes (X, Y, Z, A)
Windows 11 Computer with High Performance Video Card
Includes a Concentricity Fixture and a Vise for Holding Tools
Dual Gooseneck Adjustable LED Lighting
Zoom: 9.8x – 3025x on the 27″ monitor.

Concentricity Fixture Holds Round Tools

Vise Holds Large or Unusual Shaped Items

Create Excel Reports

Automatically create a report that contains both an image of the tool with the measurements on the screen plus a table that contains the measurements placed into cells.

Measure Large Tools & Objects

The picture shows a 3″ (76mm) Face Mill on the Rotary Stage

Measure Flute Depths or Core Thickness

Easily measure from the OD or from the tool centerline while viewing down the flute.

Measure Large Radius Tools

Rotate the Tool in the Concentricity Fixture while measuring large features such as Radii or Tapers.

Measure Corner Radius End Mills

Measure the Diameter, Corner Radius, Land Width all in one view.

Measure Small Radius Tools

High Magnification allows for measuring extremely small features.

Measure Relief Angles

Measure angles with or without a visible vertex

Measure Tool Web Thickness

Rotate the stage to view the end of the tool.
The web thickness measurements can be quickly performed with high magnification.

Measure Thread Profiles

Placing items in the included vise or directly on the rotary stage allows measuring numerous items including large and odd shaped objects.

The Complete Toolmakers Tool Measuring System Includes:

  • 16.6MP – 4K High Definition Camera System.
  • Precision stages are mounted onto a solid 3″ (76mm) thick inspection grade granite base.
  • 1 micron optical encoders on all three Linear axes (X,Y,Z)  plus an encoder on the Rotary axis (A).
  • Precision Concentricity Fixture for holding tools.
  • Precision Vise for holding large or odd shaped items.
  • Heavy Duty 36″ wide x 30″ deep (914mm x 762mm) Industrial Standing Workstation Bench with a sealed wood top surface, a large drawer for storing accessories, and a cpu holder.
  • Computer running Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, includes a high performance video card, Microsoft Excel.
  • 27″ Monitor on integrated adjustable stand.  The Monitor may be raised, lowered, or tilted for optimal viewing position.
  • Zoom: 9.8x – 3025x on the 27″ monitor.
  • The programmable footswitch may be used to reset all or any of the encoder axes.
  • Dual Gooseneck Adjustable LED Lighting with focus-able spots


Measurements may be made using two different methods. 

1. Measurements can be placed directly onto the tool image displayed on the screen.  Simply select the desired function with the mouse and click to place the dimensions.

2. The stages can be moved (X, Y, Z axes) and the tool image can be measured using the 1 micron optical encoders with a crosshair.  The table/stage that the Concentricity Fixture or Vise is attached to contains a Rotary axis and encoder (A) to accurately measure rotation.  The included footswitch allows resetting the encoder displays to zero.


The included measuring software includes the following features:

Easily Measure Tool:

  • Diameters
  • Lengths
  • Radii
  • Angles
  • & Much More


  • Save Images with Dimensions for documentation reports or for reviewing past results.
  • Output a report to Microsoft Excel that includes a picture of the tool and the dimensions as a table.
  • Overlay Saved Images to compare the current tool with previously made tools – Great for reverse engineering.
  • Save and Reload Dimensions for frequently measured tools to speed up inspection.
  • Save Videos with Dimensions.
  • Line Colors are easily modified for user preference.
  • Dimension Fonts and sizes are easily modified.
  • Choose between inches or mm from the main window to quickly switch units.
  • A simple button push divides the encoder readout by two to quickly find the tool center-line.