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Toolmakers Microscope for Fast and Accurate Tool Measuring

Toolmakers Microscope – Complete Tool Measuring System

Industrial Video Measuring Microscope – Simple To Use

Toolmakers Microscope, Toolmeasure Microscope with Sturdy Stand
Toolmakers Microscope, Toolmeasure Microscope

Tool Measuring System

The Toolmakers Microscope is Manufactured in Massachusetts, USA

For measuring cutting tools and other components requiring high precision measurements. 


  • Automatic Edge Detection.
  • Fast and reliable for in-process inspection.
  • Two methods of Making Measurements:
    • Draw Measurements on the Screen or,
    • use the 1 micron optical encoders on all three Linear axes (X,Y,Z)  plus the Rotary axis (A).
  • 16.6MP – 4K High Definition Camera System – More than 3X higher than the competition.
  • 3″ (76mm) Solid Granite Base on included Heavy Duty Workbench – The competition uses either a thin granite countertop or a polymer resin (plastic).
  • Zoom: 9.8x – 3025x on the 27″ monitor  – Allows showing both large tools and microscopic tools on the same system – No extra charges to look at Large or Micro Tools.
  • Simple Intuitive interface allows any anyone to measure tools – No complex training is required.

    Easily Measure Tool:

    • Diameters
    • Lengths
    • Radii
    • Angles
    • & Much More
    • Save Images with Dimensions.
    • Overlay saved Images to compare current tool with previously made tools – Great for reverse engineering.
    • Save and Reload Dimensions for frequently measured tools to speed up inspection.
    • Save Videos with Dimensions.
    • Output a report to Microsoft Excel that includes a picture of the tool and the dimensions as a table. The template can be altered to show your company logo or header.
    • Measure Large 7.25″ x 7.25″ (184mm x 184mm) Parts.