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Accurate Toolmakers Tool Measuring Microscope

Toolmeasure Microscope
Tool Measuring Microscope System with Stand


Toolmakers Microscope

Unbelievably Simple to Use.
Accurate Measurements – Always

Place Measurements on the Screen
Use the 1 micron optical encoders on all three Linear axes (X,Y,Z)  plus the Rotary axis (A).


16.6MP – 4K High Definition Camera System

3″ (76mm) Solid Granite Base on Heavy Duty Workbench

Zoom: 9.8x – 3025x on the 27″ monitor

Easily Measure Tool:

  • Diameters
  • Lengths
  • Radii
  • Angles
  • & Much More

Save Images with Dimensions

Overlay saved Images to compare current tool with previously made tools – Great for reverse engineering

Save and Reload Dimensions for frequently measured tools to speed up inspection

Save Videos with Dimensions

Output a report to Microsoft Excel that includes a picture of the tool and the dimensions as a table.